Tyra Maria Trono is a filipina artist, cultural worker, and independent curator based in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in Studio Arts, Photography at Concordia University. She is the recipient of the Lande Award in Photography and the 2023 winner of Roloff Beny Fellowship in Photography. Their current research focuses on questions such as the formation of one’s perception within the process of cultural identification, and how belonging to a diasporic community redirects the path of this process.

Trono is currently the Programming Coordinator at Ada X (formerly Studio XX), which is a bilingual feminist artist-run centre engaged in exploration, creation, and critical reflection in media arts and digital culture. She has also worked as a cultural worker in local art institutions such as the Phi Foundation for Contemporary Art, Pop Montreal, La Centrale Powerhouse, La Maison de la Culture, VAV Gallery, Photo St-Denis, and others.

In 2017-2021, she co-founded a photo collective called For the Sake of Analog alongside Edson Niebla Rogil and John Mendoza. It has been a platform where artistic contributions that are presented to their collective, are evaluated by and for people whose identities belong to marginalized communities. The collective’s first mandate is to emphasize the diversity in the new generation of artists who are based in Montreal and that is by showcasing the richness that it holds. They aim to give opportunities to BIPOC artists whose work does not always conform to the aesthetic system that shapes the artistic landscape of the city. Those opportunities are thus looked at as an attempt to express a voice and to validate its existence amongst others.

CV available upon request.

︎  tyramariatrono@gmail.com