Tyra Maria Trono is a filipina artist based in Montreal. Her work deals with personal themes such as individual identity and her direct social communities. It’s connected in a system of meaning that deals with the idea of the revival of childhood and the continual discovery of personal identity which encompasses the notion of her culture heritage. Themes of nostalgia, autobiography, and identity are often explored in her photography.

In 2017, she founded a photo collective called For the Sake of Analog alongside Edson Niebla Rogil and John Mendoza. Their mandate is to exhibit the richness and diversity represented by emerging POC artists through the medium of analog photography.

2021 - Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio arts, major in Photography, Concordia University
2016 - Diplôme d'études collégiales in Communications, Media, and Studio Arts and Certificate of Women Studies, Vanier College

Curatorial Work
2020 VAV Fall programming (We shall sometime come to someplace, A Practice in Healing, and Absence of Another), The VAV Gallery, Online Exhibition
2020  As to be Told, Gallery Luz, Art Matters (Postponed due to Covid-19)
2019  Spotlight on Concordia Fine Arts, Agora Hydro-Québec du Coeur des sciences de l’UQAM, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma
2019  For The Sake of Analog, Third Edition, Gallery Parfois (Part of Mural Festival programming)

Art Residency
2020-2021 The Fine Arts Reading Room Residency, Concordia University

Selected Group Exhibitions
2020 BFA Show 2020, Serving The People (STP), Online Exhibition
2019  Art Jam Montreal vol.28, NOMAD Life, Montreal
2019  immiGRANDS, BAnQ Vieux Montreal, Montreal
2019  Contre-Sens, Gallery 2112, Montreal
2018  For the Sake of Analog, Second Edition, Ctrllab Art House and Gallery, Montreal
2018  For the Sake of Analog, First Edition, Espace Pop, Montreal
2017  Femmes Cachées, Livart, Montreal

Film screening
2016  Vanier Video Festival, Vanier College, Montreal

Selected Grants and Awards
2020  Production Grant for The FARR Residency program, Concordia University
2020  The Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA), Special Project Grant, Concordia University
2020  Concordia Council on Student life (CCSL), Special Project Funding, Concordia University
2019  The Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA), Large Special Project Grant, Concordia University
2019  Concordia Student Union (CSU), Large Project, Concordia University 
2018  The Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA) Grant, Special Project Grant, Concordia University
2014  Lieutenant Governor’s Youth Medal (Bronze)

2020  Underdog Address Book, 2020
2020  Art Matters Festival’s catalogue, Edition 2020
2018  For the Sake of Analog catalogue, Edition 2, June 2018
2018  For the Sake of Analog catalogue, Edition 1, February 2018

Publication and Press
2020  Concordia’s VAV Gallery moves forward with hybrid exhibitions, The Link
2020  L’étendue de la médiation: la reconnaissance des pratiques individuelles
2020  Spotlight on Tyra Maria Trono, The Concordian, 2020
2019  “Spotlight on Concordia Fine Arts at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema”, Calvin Cashen, The Concordian, 2019
2019  "Local Collective For the Sake of Analog Presents Show During MURAL Festival", Lazaros Kalipolidis, The Link, 2019
2019  "For the Sake of Painting and Photography", Chloё Lalonde, The Concordian, 2019

Related experience
2020-Present - Member of the Board of Directors, Art Matters, Concordia University
2020-Present - Member of the Board of Directors, The Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History (CUJAH), Concordia University
2020-Present - Outreach Coordinator, The VAV Gallery, Concordia University
2019-Present - Visitor’s Experience Team, Fondation Phi pour l'Art Contemporain, Montreal
2019-2020 - Exhibition Faciliator, Art Matters, Concordia University
2019 - Coordinator for Studio Arts, Spotlight on Concordia, FNC, Montreal
2019 - Photographer, Technoculture, Art and Games Research Centre, Concordia University
2018-2020 - Photo Lab Technician, Photo St-Denis, Montreal
2018 - Photographer, Moonshine in collaboration with Boiler Room (NYC), Montreal
2017-Present - Co-founder/Curator, For The Sake of Analog, Montreal
2017-2019 - Photographer, Never Was Average, Montreal
2017-2018 - Photo Journalist, Éklectik Média, Montreal

2020-Present - Mentor, FASA Mentorship Program, Concordia University
2020-Present - VP of Membership, Filipino Organization of Concordia University Students, Concordia University
2018 - Photographer, Lez Spread The Word, Montreal, Montreal
2017 - Volunteer, Fantasia International Film Festival, Montreal

Tyra Maria Trono